Month: November 2017

Guide To The Latest Smart Home Security Systems

Once bitten twice shy:

There was a time when I was extremely skeptical about security system in our home. I mean I used to think it is a big gimmickry by the security agencies and the companies that sell these security gadgets to talk us into buying their sometimes super expensive products by telling us gruesome tales of some of the most heinous crimes that have been committed.

I was not the bit realist that I am today:

Well, my take on it was that a felon would never try to commit a heinous crime if the modus of it was in the public domain. I could not have been more wrong!

With all my ideas on how safe my neighborhood was and how well we kept a watch on our house and how proud we were of our dog, my German shepherd, one day the eventuality had to strike to bring the point home. The fact that however safe your neighborhood is, you need to be addressing the reality that anything can happen at any point of time and a smart home security system always gives you an edge over your nerves.

The tragedy did strike and how!

When I heard Tommy barking, I knew something was amiss. Soon, we heard a gunshot. We rushed out to see what happened and realized that Tommy was shot at in a bid to enter our home. The miscreants escaped and till date we don’t know who they were.

That night I decided to install a security camera. I looked up the internet for the best one and I found the best Armcrest 960H 4 Ch system review here. I wish I had woken up to realities earlier. The security system could have helped us nab the people who shot at Tommy.  Unfortunately, I had to lose my dear doggy to learn a valuable lesson!

How Expanding Technology Can Benefit Social Media

In the past one decade, social media has become part and parcel of everyone’s lives. Whether it is Facebook or LinkedIn or Instagram or Twitter, people are very active on such platforms because these help them to get in touch with others who are living in some other part of the world. With the advancement of technology, all these could become possible.

In current times, social media and technology are going hand in hand because with increasing demand of social media, technology is pushed to move forward and at the same time due to expansion of technology, lot of additional features can be seen in the existing platforms. Thus, you can say they both are interdependent which means social media will become stagnant if technology stops evolving and at the same time because of the requirements of social media, technology keeps pushing itself to keep developing.

With technology evolving every day, it is definitely benefitting social media to a great extent. Things are getting easier and faster day by day whether it is related to raising some funds or advertising some business products etc.

Nowadays, due to technological advancement, you can even manage to increase your followers in platforms like Twitter. Just find out a top place to buy twitter followers and that’s all you need. If you own a small business then social media can help you to grow your business without investing a huge amount of money.

Development in the field of cyber technology is absolutely advantageous for the various social media platforms. There are millions of users of these platforms and since their personal details are shared, cyber security is very important to keep them protected. Thus, cyber technology plays a vital role in keeping track of any suspicious hacker. Cyber bully is also very common and with expansion of cyber technology, a lot has been brought under control.