Guitarists and bassists around the world, it’s finally here. The Line 6 G30 just redefines the entire digital wireless experience with the topmost and world -class sound quality, a dependability that’s professional and also comfort of use.

The Relay G30 Mic System is Wireless and is really a pleasure to hear as it provides a signal that is so pure and beautiful that the listeners get to hear asheer melody with a high-end sparkle and basses that have a fabulous and low -end punch that is audible at distances as far as approx. a 100 ft. The most prominent features that are making this system so popular and much in demand are-

  • Reliability– The system is designed to broadcast all its signals over a band of 2.4GHz. This ensures the signal is free from disturbance or interface of any kind. To top it all the system also has added security in the form of signal protection, a technology which is absolutely exclusive.

  • Simple to use

The placement of the entire system is so cool that its lightweight transmitter remains completely out of your way during the performance, The receiver is rugged and may be easily placed above the amp or even above your pedal boards, wherever it is more comfortable for you. Another very attractive as well as the functional feature is the bright LED display console which displays the status, battery life and power on in the receiver.

  • Easy attachment

For that player who is used to having cabled guitars during his or her performance, this wireless system is a real boon. Players will soon realize that the sound is as good as any system with the cable connection.

When I realized how advanced this wireless system was, I wasted no time and rushed to place my order. I got my G30 here. and so can you.