Blogs are written to help build authority and promote useful information. That is why more entrepreneurs are creating hardware blogs to help give you the best tips and advice from experts in hardware.

Here are 5 hardware startup blogs you should read right now.

Bolt –

Bolt is a capital venture firm that specializes in hardware startups funding. This is especially true for recurring software components. The site has become a must-read blog for hardware enthusiasts. Here you will find articles that discuss everything from funding strategies to hardware development.

Concept Spring –

The Concept Spring blog focuses on both software and hardware innovation startups. You will find common topics that discuss the general startup strategies as well as hardware development, prototypes, manufacturing and strategies for your next startup.

Dragon Innovation –

While getting hardware products is the first step to success, the next step is to manufacture and move your prototypes to mass manufactured products. The blog provides useful information on all aspects of hardware manufacturing.

On Startups –

While this site is more on general startup information, it still provides a great source of information on bringing hardware products to the market industry. One thing that both software and hardware startups have in common is marketing and sales of the product.

Steve Blank –

The most sought-out renowned guru has established his brand in the startup community as well as founded countless startups, which more than four have gone public as well as hardware startups. Steve Blank’s blogs are filled with tons of hardware startups and more.

Do you read any of these blogs listed in the article? Is there any other site that we might have missed? Comment below and share your thoughts with us!