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Criteria For Buying A Good Gaming Laptop

Laptops per se have evolved a great deal in the past few years and so have good gaming laptops, which are much in demand too. Finding gaming laptops is not a big deal these days but finding a ‘good’ gaming laptop is something which needs some thought and certain criteria with the help of which choosing value for money laptops becomes easier.


  • CPU
    • The is the most important part of the hardware of the laptop. When selecting the central processing unit (CPU) of your gaming laptop it is always better to choose the latest generation. Skylake, Broadwell, Octa-core Intel Core i7 and quad-core i5 is the preferred order in case you need to choose the best and the latest.
  • Graphics Cards (GPU)
    • This is what you are actually paying for when you invest in a good gaming laptop, so choose wisely. To run demanding games, one requires a very powerful GPU. NVIDIA GeForce GTX plus is the best GPU trending in the market. If not this any one of the GeForce GTX 800 series would be good enough to have a decent gaming experience. This series is recommended simply because it has better features like great 3D surround, a reliable battery boost and much more.


  • Battery life
    • To be able to enjoy gaming session for long especially if you are out and on the move, it is advisable to look out for a laptop with a fairly long battery life. Longer battery life also means a bigger battery size. A bigger battery also means more weight. So, choose a one that fits your purpose well.
  • Storage
    • For avid gamers whose play plenty of games, a bigger hard drive is a must. Most fancy and good games require a minimum storage of 5-10 GB. and the more the number of games played the more the storage required. Any good gaming laptop should have at least ITB of storage.

Apart from the hardware external features like a convenient keyboard, the most suitable size, the sound system also need to be considered. Buying these great value laptops for gaming from good and branded companies is always a better option as they all have good after sales service facilities too.

6 Tech Trends to Watch Out For

2016 was filled with shiny new devices with simple upgrades of the previous models. While the PCs are considered as the era of tech dinosaurs, desktops and laptops are getting a better upgrade as they are now more attractive and even smarter than ever before.

However, with the latest changes in the world today, it’s clear to see the prospects in the world of technology.

Check out these top 6 PC tech trends to try right now.

AI investment

Artificial Intelligence has been a hot topic for years now, but 2017 is all about investing in the constituent parts of deep learning, machine learning, neural networks, and more. Customers will experience machine intelligence insights that will work well in making better decisions in business.

Rise of Voice Search

From Siri to Google, the Google Assistant is now appearing on Google home and Google Pixel. Now you can expect the technology of voice search to move all throughout the home, workplace, and even the AR/VR headsets.


As Facebook was known to release the chatbots for Facebook messenger, other apps are joining in as Viber has also recently launched the automated banking platform. Today, Chatbots are heading towards messaging platforms that includes WeChat, Kik, WhatsApp, Facebook, and more.

Growth of Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

A virtual private network provides a safe and secure connection between devices and a VPN server from its service provider. You can expect the VPN to move from the tech jargon to a larger grip on data privacy that will prevent identity theft, hacking, and snooping.


As the world is leaning towards eco-friendly solutions and organic options OLED, organic light-emitting diode, is a display technology that is used for large TVs and monitors. Now, LG displays are producing OLED panels that were planned to enter the CES 2017.


Behind the cryptocurrency tech Bitcoin, sits the blockchain that has proven its ownership coming soon to a bank near you. Now blockchain will create its first use-case and step out of the cryptocurrency market.

What are your thoughts on these five PC tech trends? Comment below and tell us what you think!

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