Cutting trees was never easy before the invention of the chainsaw; the rotating blade machine. This machine was developed years ago but this wasn’t portable like these days. This is a boon for sawyers and sawing industries because this thing does the same daunting task in half time than before. All depend on the chain but the engine also plays a good role because if the engine doesn’t rotate very fast than the chain will stuck in the tree or other things.  The engine is two cycle engine and there are many varieties available in it.

Chainsaw Engine

When you take of all other parts of chainsaw then the left thing will be engine and there are basically four parts in it. The chain drive is first part which comes in use and the second one is carburetor for fuel. These two are most basic part but other important parts are electric ignition module. All these parts are connected to two cycle engine. When someone pulls starter rope then engine start and three processes take place. The first process is about working of piston which moves back and forth to provide power.

Carburetor Work

The carburetor mix fuel with air and this is already set that how much amount of air will be mixed. The mixture of fuel is pumped into piston cylinder through the intake port. When the piston compresses the mixture then a vacuum is created there and then spark ignites it to push the piston back. While this process intake port seal up and exhaust port open for the smoke. The piston moves back and forth much time in a second. The complete process rotates chain on guide bar and the clutch decides the speed you want. If someone gets issue while using it then there are chances that carburetor isn’t working fine.