The minimalist wallet could be the next big thing and if you have never had the chance to know what it looks like, this article is just for you. Small, thin and lightweight, a minimalist wallet is the kind that would allow you to stuff all that you could hope to in a traditional wallet without struggling. It is apparently the latest trend among men and women to carry one.

Needless to say, these wallets can carry all your basic necessities that could range from credit cards, debit cards, ID cards to cash and they will still fit into your back or front pockets effortlessly. Apart from the fact that they look stylish and are quite comfortable, they are also functional and can give you quick access to your cards.

Adding Brand value

While there are several brands that could add value to your minimalist wallet, Louis Vitton is one brand that could certainly add a classy element to your purchases. You could wear a 9-5 suit and look sharp and sleek in it but if your wallet is fat and puffy from the unnecessary things you might have stored in it, it certainly does not complement your style. This is precisely why LV has come up with its new season coated canvas wallet that is as minimalist as it gets.

It is quite spacious with eight roomy slots for cards, a compartment for notes and its exterior is painted with the brand’s Karakoram pattern in a neon and blue color. It is undoubtedly a fashionable piece of thing to own and will keep your appearances as sleek as you want them to. So the next time you want to cut down on looking big and bulky from all sides, do consider LV wallets that are small and easy to fit in the pocket.